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Introducing the world's first square punching bag.


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BOXT Better.


Boxt MMA's groundbreaking square punching bag* is a game-changer in the world of punching bags. The round design has dominated for over a century, limiting the potential for growth and skill development. But now, with this innovative square design, users can visualize in four directions and work with angles, leading to enhanced accuracy, timing, speed, power, and skill. This revolutionary punching bag has the potential to transform fighters and athletes into even better versions of themselves.

*Patent Pending

Suitable for all skill levels

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned martial artist, Boxt's square punching bag is an invaluable addition to your training regimen. This durable and effective tool guarantees a challenging and rewarding workout experience.

Realistic target simulation

The Boxt Bag has flat sides that imitate the shape of an opponent's body, making it easier to hit accurately and enabling focused training.

Defensive training

Practice defensive techniques like slips, ducks, and rolls with the Boxt Bag to improve your evasive and counter-attacking abilities.

A picture of the square BOXT Bag punching bag

Footwork and movement

The Boxt Bag's square shape optimizes your movement training by providing ample space for circling, pivoting, and angling around it.


The Boxt Bag offers a wide range of striking surfaces, making it an excellent tool for developing your technique.

Space-saving design

The lightweight, high-density foam allows for easy setup and placement, optimizing space in gyms or home setups.​

Meet Our Founder


Joshua is a renowned authority in the fields of striking and human movement. He boasts an impressive 30-year background in athletics, martial arts, health, fitness, bodybuilding, wellness, and nutrition. Joshua has had the privilege of training alongside several world-champion fighters and coaches in boxing and martial arts.

John Crouch

MMA lab, Coach to world champions

Hanshi Nico

2 Knuckles MMA (akidoki), Coach to world champions

Rick Roufus

American kick Boxing legend

Mario O Francis

World champion boxing coach

Robert Timms

Mr. Olympia 4th place

Ben Henderson

WEC/UFC/ Bellator world champion

Henry Cejudo

Olympic gold medalist 125/135 lb UFC double world champion 

Dominick Cruz

WEC world champ, UFC Hall of Fame/ world champion

Jamie Varner

WEC world champion

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